Job details Agent de production - Service Microbiologie Fermentation - H/F

Posting Period

From April 19, 2023
to June 30, 2023

Country or region



Saint-Simon, Auvergne

Business Unit

Health Solutions


Production / Operations

Entry date

To be determined

Job Status

Permanent - Full time

Minimal required work experience

1 to 3 years

Minimal education level required

No minimal requirement

Work schedule

Travail posté– 37 heures effectives par semaine avec acquisition d’1 jour RTT/mois


Based on experience

Agent de production - Service Microbiologie Fermentation - H/F

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Main Functions

La mission principale de l’atelier Fermentation est de produire des bactéries dans des fermenteurs industriels. A l’issue de la fermentation, la biomasse obtenue est transmise à l’atelier Lyophilisation pour congélation et broyage.

Pour mener à bien cette mission, vous êtes intégré(e) à l’équipe Fermentation au sein de laquelle vous assurez tout ou partie des activités suivantes :

  • Préparer et stériliser les milieux de cultures;
  • Inoculer les fermenteurs;
  • Assurer le suivi et l’arrêt des cultures bactériennes;
  • Assurer la centrifugation des cultures bactériennes;
  • Préparer les cultures bactériennes à la lyophilisation;
  • Remplir les dossiers de production;
  • Nettoyer les équipements et locaux.


Technical skills


  • Bac en Sciences

Personal abilities


  • Bon sens relationnel
  • Rigueur & respect strict des règles d'hygiène
  • Travail en équipe


Lallemand is a privately held Canadian company founded in the late 19th century, which develops, produces, and markets microorganisms for various markets. The administrative offices of the parent company are in Montreal, Canada. Today, Lallemand employs more than 5,000 people working in more than 45 countries on 5 continents.

Lallemand Health Solutions specializes in the production of probiotics intended to serve the agri-food, parapharmaceutical, and pharmaceutical industries. With its manufacturing processes adhering to the highest standards of quality, the company provides probiotic strains that help millions of people improve their health and well-being.

On top of its extensive portfolio of ready-to-use probiotics (Lacidofil®, Probiokid®, Probio'Stick®, Protecflor®), the Health Solutions branch also tailor-makes unique formulas to respond to clients' unique needs. This process employs the Harmonium, Lafti®, or Rosell® strains.

The Lallemand Health Solutions team enjoys a stellar reputation, as one of the only companies that is authorized to produce the S.boulardii strain. Whether in North America, Europe, or Asia, your next pro-fessional challenge awaits you at Lallemand!

Please take note that accommodations will be provided in all parts of the hiring process. Applicants need to make their needs known in advance.

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